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We can replace most vehicle keys quicker and more cost effective than agents. There are several categories of auto replacement keys and I will break it up as following .



These are the easiest and cost the least to replace and it is the most cost effective to cut a duplicate while you have an existing key . These keys can op also be split up in following three groups .


Standard flat key steel keys , some have rubber heads . These keys range in the R 30 to R 40 to duplicate form another existing key . All of these replacement keys we cut are guaranteed except if your key is damaged , very worn or broken . As it is a fairly simple process to copy an existing key the cost is minimal .


The computer key involves a more sophisticated milling key cutting machine and therefore the process is more difficult and the key more costly . Many smaller locksmiths and key utters cannot cut these keys at all . The key blanks are also more costly and therefore the duplication of these keys varies in the R 95 to R 150 price range .


These tibbe  keys are found mostly with older ford vehicles and are not all that common . For this reason there are very few locksmith who have the equipment and skill to cut these specific duplicates car keys . This key is total different from other keys as it looks like a longish pin and the cuts at all different angles on the sides of the pin. Duplication of these tibbe keys range in the R 100 to R 150 range.

The above deals simply with the duplication of car keys or the replacement of car keys when you already have an existing working key .



When your car keys is lost , it is a bit more tricky to replace and the replacement costs  depends  on the model , type and year of manufacture of the vehicle . The car keys can be cut by hand from the ignition ( normally not just  to the door lock ) which means the ignition must be removed and the then it takes considerate skill to cut a duplicate car key to that ignition . If this is done successfully the key should normally also open the door , boot and glove compartment ,and petrol cap but this is not true of ALL makes and models .

Alternatively with many models the key can be duplicated from the key code with the right key duplication equipment.



The range of transponder keys is quite diverse and more costly to duplicate or replace than non transponder keys for several reasons . Not only the is the key blanks more costly , but the equipment and software needed is expensive and a fair amount of skill is needed to duplicate these successfully . Furthermore as new models enter the market , software must be updated and a bigger costly  variety of key blanks must be held in stock adding to the overall costs .

Some keys with remotes needs further programming to allow the remote to activate the central locking , to lock and unlock the vehicle .These remote key blank are quite pricey and replacing a vehicle remote key when the origenal is lost can cost anything from R 900 to as high as R 3500 or more . There is also the chance that the keg is lost in a remote area or a place which is not safe and therefore an added risk for it to be broken into , or being stolen by the person who found the lost key , or have actually stolen it on purpose with the intent of fetching it later hen the owner is way .

There can be added towing cost to get the vehicle to a workshop to have the computer box removed or reset for the purposes of supplying a new duplicate vehicle key.

It is always easier to have a duplicate vehicle made as well as a lot more cost effective while you still have a key for the vehicle and I therefore suggest that you get ken made before yours is lost.

As most agents are very expensive and do not offer this service after hours , but  there are a select  few like AAA locksmiths who do offer this  service at some of our branches  , but please note because of the complexity of the duplication of Transponder keys , it is not always possible to assist a client with a new key after hours .