History of Shanken Locksmiths in Somerset West

Shaken locksmiths in Somerset West were started by Dave Loveall almost twenty years ago. The name Shanken was chosen as it is part of the names of his two children ………. and ………. added together to form the word Shaken. 

Shanken Locksmiths started out in a little shop in the commercial building known as Hole in the Wall which was built on the site of the old Hole in the Wall hotel.

Besides Manvic Distributors in Victoria rd. , who have been around forever and use to be a fully fledges locksmith service , Shanken use to be the only other locksmith in somerset west .

Over the years Manvic have become more of an agent for several security related products and lately concentrate mostly on key cutting and do not do any locksmithing at all. 

Dave built up Shanken Locksmiths over a fourteen year period to a well-known household name in the Helderberg basin until he decided to sell it about three years ago, signing a two year restraint of trade. As locksmithing and particular Shaken have been Daves creation and passion for so many years, he realized shortly after selling it that he misses the industry terribly. However a contract was signed prohibiting him from doing any locksmithing work for a two year period.

The closest he could get to locksmithing while keeping within his restriction was Automaton, thus Lovell’s automaton in Somerset West came to life. 

After his restraint of trade period expired Dave teamed up with a much bigger AAA Locksmiths who’s head office is in Cape Town. Dave is now running the local Somerset West AAA Lockmith branch with Gerald Bathgate as his right-hand man.

Gerald use to work for WP locksmith in Kuils River before he was invited to join the AAA Locksmith group. As Gerald lives in the Strand and had to travel to Kuislriver daily while working for WP, he jumped at the change which made a big improvement to his quality of life.

AAA Locksmiths in Cape Town was started very much the same time as Shanken , however the owner of AAA assisted  qualifying staff to open their own branch under the same name , and today there is seven shops  ( and growing ) or mobile workshops with many more vehicles covering the whole Peninsula and surrounding towns on a 24 hour basis.

As Dave also owns Lovell’s Automaton which he started after selling Shanken . The two businesses complement each other perfectly as often when keys is lost , new remotes need to be coded up which is part of the automation work. 

Dave also do gate and garage motor installations throughout the Helderberg Basin as well as electric locks and basic intercoms audio and video intercom systems. 

AAA Locksmith in Somerset West with the support of the AAA head office is by far the most competitive locksmith service in the basin as far as call outs is concerned. Not only does AAA cover the basin but they also render a 24 hr. locksmith service in Stellenbosch and surrounding farming community.

AAA Locksmith is a registered Trade name, and is insurance approved. 

They are PSIRA registered as required by law and adhere to the (LASA) Locksmith Association of South Africa) code of conduct.

Please do not hesitate to call us anytime 24/7 on either the land line (021 852 2471) that diverts to the mobile after hours to the person on standby  , or directly on the mobile 073 1001 074