Locksmith Testimonials

Read our locksmith testimonials below to hear what our satisfied customers and clients have to say about AAA Locksmiths

You always do a great job!
Dr S Cara
Great service, thank you.
Lindi Kaplan
Great and efficient.
Megan Bond
Excellent service!
Kapico South Africa
Very, very happy with Rael's service. Thank you.
Nicola Harris
We will always use Rael! Thank you for brilliant service!
Excellent service! ***** Service indeed!!!
Lambreght Attorneys
Technician was warm and friendly. Very approachable and efficient.
Buchanan Group
Great Service.
Rezaan Daniels
Thank you so much. Service was efficient.
Ferial Theunissen
Was great service, will recommend to friends.
Ernest Mokwena
Everything you would expect and more.
Graeme Shaw
Very helpful and impressive.
B Pietersen
Unbelievable service.
David Baxter
Very pleased, was super quick and efficient.
Emre Low
Many thanks for great services and being time efficient.
Peter M Baker
Anabsolute pleasure dealing with AAA and Rael is such a super person. He knows what he is doing! Thank you so much!
M&A Design
When I needed this work done, I had only one choice - Rael at Lazer. I am a fully satisfied repeat customer. Rael's excellent reputation is well deserved.
Jordan Radowsky
Very happy with service, thanks.
A Joubert
A great help, had a lot of questions and they helped with information regarding security, awesome guys.
Chris Low
Ten out of ten! Thanks.
The peninsula Hotel
Very informative.
R Ducret
Thank you for being so professional.
Radar Advertising
Thank you for your excellent service.
Great service, one time!
Mr Wadzi
Well done, excellent!
The A-Team was here.
Main Hill
Great easy service.
Mark Veua
All good thanks.
J Wesner
Technician was very professional and competent.
Place On The Bay
Great and quick.
The Glen Hotel
Great,awesome professional.
Kinetic Events
Well done, excellent.
Great, excellent service.
G Cobern
Fast and efficient, thanks!
Colijn Dedrich
Would recommend your technicians and company to anyone.
S Raman
Thanks so much, very helpful.
Travis Owen
Very efficient and quick work.
Jolene Jacobs
Excellent service.
SA Recyclers
Excellent service!
Dilshad Baker
Great speedy service - Thank you! Love the luminous yellow jacket!
Amanda Dixon
Very friendly, prompt and professional.
Sheri-Lee Bernstein
Great secure, thank.
B Bownan
Good service, thank you so much, will call again anytime.
Hudsen Kloof
Friendly locksmiths.
Home from Home
Great job, thanks!
P Van Staden
Very impressed with the service!
Wonderfull and helpfull service.
Perfekte, vriendilike en speodige diens.
Little Moorings
Well done, very good!
ORO Africa
Excellent service with speed.
Tank you for your swift work. The technician communicated everything.
British Consulate
Very good!
David New
Such a nice guy!
M.S Fuchs
Thanks, awesome service.
Mountain Mania
Ten out of ten.
B Claassen
Ten out of ten!
Ten out of ten!
Ten out of ten!
N Bermenn
Fantastic, efficient and very friendly.
Blue - White Jewellers
Ten out of ten!
Very good, awesome job.
Very pleasant & professional.
M.C Norris
Very good, ten out of ten.
Excellent job, ten out of ten.
Good work, quiet and professional.
F Sterris
Very good job!
Victoria Junction
Excellent service.
S Amod
Perfect job.
Shen Winberg
Excellent service, ten out of ten.
Up And Away Traders
Brilliant, Kobus Rocks
B Jones
Awesome service.
M Goodman
An absolute pleasure.
J.G du Bruyn
Awesome speedy service.
Hunley Cronje
All very good.
Claydio Pavan
Wonderful Service!
Absolutely, good, friendly and fast. Thank you.
M Valigka
Outstanding service, thank you!
Very good.
M George
All brilliant, reliable and efficient, thank you!
Servico Excelente!!
Very impressed, thanks!
NP O' Sullivan
Very impressed, a friendly quick efficient work. Fantastic!
J Rebello
Baie, baie goed!
A pleasure to deal with efficient and friendly personnel. Technician tops!
Sandford Hall
Excellent service! Friendly efficient & quick.
Lynn Daniels
Great, prompt service.
R Deetlefs
Excellent service.
Martin Friedman
Fast and efficient.
G Guhlas
Excellent service!
A De Villiers
He was efficient, timeous and courteous. Excellent service.
Zyleigha Schalk-Lund
Very efficient, excellent job.
Sawdak Lewin
Knowledge is good and good with clients about what he must do.
Slug B Lettuce
Excellent job! Cant believe you got through the red devil. Thank you for being so patient. Will definitely recommend you.
Mikayla Humphries
Excellent service.
Alvin Adendorff
Great service, thank you!
Quick service.
A Van Zyl
Very professional in his conduct.
M Fuelira
Will recommend to friends.
M J Meall
Great service.
R Kajoe
Rael was fantastic,very professional, very helpful and friendly. Excellent service thank you.
J casper
Great service, thank you!
Leon Traut