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Are you a qualified locksmith with a small business and would like to expand your business horizon by getting maximum exposure in your local areas?

Here is a few testimonials of people that joined AAA, from as far as 14 years ago. Each and everyone has pulled their weight and was rewarded for it much higher than they could earn working for any other company as a locksmith.

AAA LOCKSMITH looks after the staff who looks after the clients. We see the client as the most important person in our business, the very reason that we are in business is because if our clients and that is why we treat them adoringly.

AAA is the best possible opportunity for anyone who would like to earn a much higher income as a locksmith, but does not have the capital to open a shop or want the risk of starting his own business. Read through the letters of the staff that have been with us for a while and make up your own mind if this is for you or not.

Our Staff’s Stories


I was 20 years of age with only the background as security guard and some hands on welding work with my dad when I joined AAA Locksmiths Cape Town branch in 2006. I started working as an apprentice with an very experienced locksmith Shamiel who taught me the ropes. I am fortunate that I am a practical person that can work with my hands and fairly quickly picked up the basics. Within a year of starting to work for AAA I made six times more than I earned as a security guard and it increased even more in time.
After 5 years working as a locksmith I did a official locksmith ( the fist official course introduced ) course through John Jarley which further honed the skills that I picked up AAA. The owner Philip offered several other locksmiths who worked for us the opportunity to work on their own with limited interference by management as long as they stuck to the strict rules as far as quality, service and security is concerned. This allowed them to earn a higher normal income as an good performance incentive assures a much higher income than working for only a salary at the competition. Unfortunately some of the guys been given a chance could not maintain the service levels expected from them and thus are not with the company anymore.
In 2012 after working for AAA for 6 years I was given an opportunity to operate the Claremont and surrounding areas on the same incentive and profit sharing basis. I eventually bought an old Corsa LDV as well as a Renault Kangoo Panel-van from AAA Cape Town as I employed a second person to help me with all the work. After 2 years as a mobile unit in 2014 I opened a shop in Kenilworth and after negotiating a bigger area to service we, I now cover all of the Southern Suburbs all the way to Muizenberg and Simonstown.
I for Married to Samantha who I have two gorgeous children Hope and Michael Jnr who is a handful. Sam also joined the business in May 2016 and now looks after the admin. I purchased my first home in December 2015 which I never could have done as a security guard.
Locksmithing does not keep office hours like many other professions and it can be tough sometimes when you are in standby and have to go out after hours in the pouring rain to assists clients, but it beats working for a boss on a basic salary for the rest of my life.
Philip taught me to look after my business and the business will look after me and my family. As I am doing what I was taught I am having ongoing growth in my business. I am earning less than what I would like to because I am reinvesting capital into my business on a monthly basis, assuring ongoing growth.
I am with AAA now for 10 years and can only say thank you for the opportunity that I was given as it helped me to grow so much as a person and earn an much higher income I ever though was possible ten years ago before I joined the business.


I started working for AAA in 2002 as a locksmith. I had some experience as a locksmith having worked in the industry since 1985 while still at school I helped out at a locksmith shop part time for about three years before I had to do my national service. I have been out if the industry for 15 years working in the fire and flood management industry for 8 years until joining AAA.
I managed the shop for four years but did not enjoy it as much as working with my hands, and eventually went on the road doing locksmith work. This can be tough when the work keep on pouring in and there is not enough hours of the day, or drunk party goers who do loose their keys at thee in the morning, but I really enjoy what I do and helping people.
This is the profession I chose and as I meet lots if interesting people from all walks of life and enjoy what I am doing, I can honestly say I have a list longer than Adderley Street of happy clients and have many, many testimonials as proof.
I have been with the company for 14 years and still work on a basic plus incentive which allow me to earn a much higher income with AAA than is possible anywhere else by simply working for a basic.
Philip is a tough fair boss/partner who leaves you to get on with the work and if you do good work, rewards you for it.
During my 14 years at AAA I have seen a few locksmith come and go as they could not maintain the standard expected from them. I saw Philip dismiss our best locksmith (doing the highest turnover) at the time because of after hour availability issues and not keeping up service levels. The locksmith in question went on his own and although he was a top dog while with us could not make it on his own, and after three months asked to be re-employed. This proves to me if you look after your clients, you will always have business and this is one of the main reasons why we have constant stream of business, as between the existing clients, insurance companies and big property management they keep us constantly on the go.
I prefer rather working for the AAA than going out and doing my own thing as I know several locksmiths who own their own small business and do not earn the income I earn working for AAA as locksmith with no risk.
My profession is actually more interesting than many people would think and I have had all kinds of weird, wonderful and interesting clients and experiences in my day to day tasks. Every day I meet new people and go out of my way to leave them behind as happy clients.
We have done work for at least ten consulates and consul general residences including; Russian, German and British, Italian, as well as many other high profile people like Bishop Tutu, Anneline Kriel, Tito Mbweni, Jenny Button, Nelson Mandela foundation, many corporates and several hotel groups.
We enjoy a lot of trust at AAA and my most memorable experience is diamond merchant client who flew me up to Johannesburg for a day, all expenses paid to change his high security locks at his jewelry business.
Being with AAA LOCKSMITHS for 14 years I know  that this is a great place for right person to work as you pick the fruits of your labour, but if you don’t pull your weight and look after the clients, you will earn a limited income and will probably not make it.


I had five years experience working as a locksmith in Oudtshoorn before I joined AAA in 2014. I moved to Cape Town as my girlfriend live in Tableview and worked for a year at the Cape Town branch before given the opportunity to work in the Tableview area on an basic and incentive basis. Within the first three months working for AAA I started earning double my salary I use to earn in Oudtshoorn.
I work much harder than I ever worked in my previous job, but I can honestly say that I often earn more in a less than a week with AAA than I was earning before in an entire month.
I am 29 years of age and at this stage I have been with the company for two years but through earning an small basic, plus incentive, plus a profit sharing I earn much more than any locksmith I know working for the competition.
I believe I have a great future with the AAA LOCKSMITHS and can’t wait to get a second person to work with me as it will mean I will also earn an income on his salary. Locksmithing is a tough profession as you never know when the phone is going to ring, often when on standby and spending time with the family. I have to run off to assist an client in need, however what is really nice working for a bigger group is that when I am weekend off, or on sick leave or on holiday, I know there is someone in my place who looks after my clients just like I look after them.
Secondly whereas I am quite good with safes, it is impossible for me to keep up to date with the electronic opening and duplication of all the new sophisticated transponder (computer) keys of the latest vehicles. Likewise I will do the high security safes that others in the group can’t do and they will do the vehicles I can’t do, which is to the benefit to everyone in the group.
If I take everything in consideration it is much better for me to work in the group with no risk and earn a good income than trying to do my own thing as not only have I seen tremendous growth in the past two years, but I believe there is still a lot of potential to grow within the company.
I will advise any young locksmiths who is looking for an great opportunity to join our group, if you pull your weight you will definitely pick the fruits, I and others before me is the proof of that.


My name is Edwin Christians, I am 30 years old, I married to my lovely wife Petunia and have three gorgeous children. Right now (September 2016) I am the new kid on the block with AAA. I worked for Shanken locksmith and even though I have nine years experience as technician I did not have a driver’s license so I could not do work outside on my own.
This limited my opportunity for growth and earning a higher income. Philip gave me time off to study and go for driving lessons and helped me financially to get my drivers licence. I finally got my licence on the 16th of August and I am now working as a mobile unit. I am still very new at this, but in my very first full month that I worked with AAA I earned 25% more than I earned at previous locksmith job two months ago. I can see that there is good potential for further growth and I go out of my way to give good service and make my clients happy.
At my previous job I could only hope for an small increase at the end of the year, but with AAA I am already earning 25% more in my second month, however this was not just given to me, I worked for it and earned it as the harder I work and the more effort I put into it, the more I earn. This was a big risk for me to take as I have a wife and three children, but I am glad I did as this allows me to better take care of my family.

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